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State of Texas law now requires training providers to notify occupational license holders of the "Notice of Potential Ineligibility for License."
Please review the following links:
Acknowledgement of Notice of Potential Ineligibility for License Form (Print)

For current TCEQ rules and regulations visit:

Courses may not be repeated in the renewal period. All paperwork must be received and assessed prior to license expiration.

Landscape Irrigation Management Course: 8 Hrs. Credit - $100.00
Course (TX #1338), (NC # 11374 "Irrigation")

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  • Conventional and Micro-Irrigation Equipment
  • Irrigation Terminology
  • Compilation of Rules and Regulations Affecting the Irrigation Professional
  • Calculate Conventional and Micro-Irrigation Schedules
  • Educate the Property Owner About Proper Maintenance
  • Advise the Owner of Water Usage and Costs 


Hydraulics and Pumping Course: 8 Hrs. Credit - $100.00
Course (TX #1283), (NC # 10032 "Irrigation")

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  • Determine if Irrigation Design Pressure Exceeds Available Pressure.
  • Evaluate Pressure Losses in Piping and Equipment.
  • Evaluate Pump Performance Charts.
  • Identify Centrifugal, Submersible, and Turbine Pumps.
  • Pump Selection and Installation.
  • Pump Station Components, Capabilities, and Operation. 


Irrigation Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Repair Course: 8 Hrs. Credit - $100.00
Course (TX #0583), (NC # 9459 "Irrigation")

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  • Procedures of an Irrigation Audit.
  • Develop Irrigation Schedules for Conventional and Drip Irrigation Systems.
  • Determine Current and Predicted Water Usage Cost.
  • Isolate, Diagnose and Repair Electrical Problems of an Irrigation System.
  • Recognize Sprinkler Coverage Problems and Perform Corrective Action.
  • Troubleshoot and Repair Electrical, Controller, Valve and Sprinkler Problems.


Irrigation Safety Course: 8 Hrs. Credit - $100.00
Course (TX #0924), (NC #9179 "Business")

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  • Federal and State Laws.
  • Safe Operation of Machinery.
  • Electrical Safety Awareness and Prevention.
  • Strategies for Hazard Analysis.
  • Job Site Rules and Policies.
  • Reduce Injury Costs.

Irrigation Business Practices Course: 8 Hrs. Credit - $100.00
Course (TX #1114), (NC #9182 "Business")

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  • Marketing / Estimating / Bidding.
  • Contractual Relationships.
  • Required Administrative Procedures.
  • Production Guidelines.
  • Managerial Accounting.
  • Ethical Practices and Customer Relations.

Water Conservation Course: 8 Hrs. Credit - $100.00
Course (TX #0183), (NC #9181 "Irrigation")

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  • Global Water Scarcity.
  • Micro-Irrigation.
  • Water Conservation Techniques.
  • Water Conservation Devices.
  • Watering Schedules.
  • Water Audits.

Micro-Irrigation Course: 8 Hrs. Credit - $100.00
Course (TX #0819), (NC #9180 "Irrigation")

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  • Advantages / Limitations.
  • Elements of the Design Process.
  • Plant Water Requirements.
  • Drip System Layout.
  • Drip System Hydraulics.
  • Installation/Maintenance/Troubleshooting.

Cross Connection Control Course: 8 Hrs. Credit - $100.00
Course (TX #1241)

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  • Examples of Cross-Connection Rules and Regulations.
  • Conditions and Factors Affecting Backflow.
  • Protecting Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources.
  • Associated Risks and Health Hazards Related to Backflow.
  • Methods of Cross-Connection Control.
  • Cross-Connection Control Responsibility.

Backflow Prevention Course: 4 Hrs. Credit - $75.00
Course TX #1214

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  • Types of Cross-Connections.
  • Examples of Cross-Connections.
  • Hydraulic Principles.
  • Methods of Cross-Connection Control.
  • State and Federal Laws.
  • Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program.

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