Consultants and Subject Matter Experts

Dr. Diane Frazor has a doctorate degree in education and is a director with Wayland Baptist University in San Antonio. Mrs. Frazor was an assistant professor at the University of Texas Pan American and former Director with the Baptist Health System. Mrs. Frazor is a subject matter expert in educational design.

Mr. Harry Bennett is a highly experienced administrator/planner with 37 years of experience in both the public and private sector. Mr. Bennett is responsible for a wide range of design, planning and consulting services that include transportation, land use, ordinance development, municipal processing and permitting, property research, landscape architecture and urban design, historic preservation, park improvements, and site development. Mr. Bennett is a registered landscape architect, registered accessibility Specialist (RAS), and HUD certified (ADA) (FHA). Mr. Bennett is a subject matter expert in landscape architecture and barrier-free design.

Mr. Don Weiss is a licensed irrigator with thirty-five years experience in the industry. He has extensive product knowledge, technical expertise, and personal practical experience in irrigation design, installation, operation, maintenance, training, and consulting. He provides construction documents and construction administration for government agencies, private developers, individual property owners, and design professionals including Architects, Engineers, and Landscape Architects. He previously served as President of the San Antonio Irrigation Association and Chairman of the TCEQ Irrigator Advisory Council. He is a former TCEQ training provider and is a subject matter expert in irrigation.

Mr. Gene Chism is the project manager for the Georgetown Project, a surface water treatment facility. Mr. Chism is an Instructor, Training Director, and Interim Executive Director of the Texas Water Utility Association. Mr. Chism holds multiple occupational licenses and is a subject matter expert in water, wastewater, water treatment, backflow prevention assembly testing, customer service inspection, irrigation, sanitation, and homeland security.

Mr. George Boothe, licensed irrigator # 1044, licensed backflow prevention assembly tester # 9528, and landscape license # 4237 has over 25 years experience installing irrigation and landscaping on large scale residential, commercial, multi-family and high-rise construction projects. Mr. Boothe is a TCEQ approved training provider, landscape architect training provider and a subject matter expert in landscaping, irrigation and backflow prevention.

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